Curved End

On this page, you will see some of our previous work on Custom Curved End Straps.

Basically, we can make any material, any design, to be curved.

What's so special about curved end straps?

Well, it comes from many customers who requested their strap to be fully covered, no gap between the watch case and strap.

Before, it only possible with "end links", but the price is high.

Because of it, we try really hard, through a year of trial and error, to create watch straps that has zero gap, perfectly aligned with your case, comfortable to wear, and don't rip your wallet.

Our main concern is the security, so we spend a long time perfecting our custom insert.

Now we are happy and proud to say, that our curved end strap is not only beautiful, but also 100% safe.

If you want to make special request or want to ask anything about this new project, email me at :


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